Staff Development

Internet Links


1) General Career Development:

The Rockport Institute is an organization that publishes information, resources, and assessments in the area of career development.

This group is an alliance of employers who are “dedicated to becoming inspiring companies.”

The Learning Resource Network was created as a single window on learning for the federal public service of Canada. Its goal is to help users to find relevant resources and services, to establish and maintain contact with public servants, organizations and communities interested in learning.

Articles on employee retention, etc.

Web site of the Association for Training and Development, with broad range of training resources for managers and HR professionals.

The Economist’s Global Executive section has a wide range of career development material.

The US Office of Personnel Management’s page re: articles and information about rewarding staff members

The Institute for Thinking Development (based in  Montreal, CA and Florida, USA) – has executive training seminars, focusing primarily on the topics of management development, creativity and leadership.

Click on “Resource Center” for information and advice on a range of career development topics.

Washington University School of Business has excellent links to many other career web sites.

Provides organizational development and corporate education programs, public workshops and services as well.

Conferences for HR professionals

The Center for Creative Leadership – Programs, Products and Research from an organization ranked #1 by a recent Business Week Survey.

Canada’s premier career web site.

Workforce has information on HR trends, tools, and also Workforce magazine.

The Wall Street Journal’s career site – with articles, advice, and career management tips.  Excellent resource!



2) Resumes/Cover Letters:

Career development assistance from the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Though this site is geared to college students, there is a lot of relevant advice for everyone.  Click on resumes and interviews.

Company specializing in resume writing for over 15 years, based in Buffalo, NY, has articles, examples, and resume do’s and don’ts.

Click on Career Resources, and this will link you to sections on resumes and cover letters.

The Wall Street Journal’s career site has information on resumes, mostly articles.

Cover letter samples and tips.’s resume section has articles, and a message board where you can email questions to two experts.

The Riley Guide has quite a bit of general career information.  There are excellent articles on resumes and cover letters here.



3) Interview Skills:

Contains a virtual interview with tough questions and good answers to those, questions to Ask the Interviewer, Tips for preparation (Three R's -- Research, Rehearse, Relax), Telephone tips, Interview Planner.

Wet Feet was founded in 1994 by two Stamford MBA graduates. It has quite a bit of career information, including an excellent interviewing section.

Career Consulting Corner – has information on interviewing skills.

From Knock 'em Dead, the best-selling job interview book:  Ten questions you must be prepared for, Questions you hoped they wouldn't ask, Five stress questions and how to keep cool, Ten big interviewing mistakes , The secret to interview success, and more.

Excellent resource from Matt & Nan DeLuca, authors of "Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions" – including an interview library, tips, and a success guide.

The Wall Street Journal’s career website - wide range of interviewing topics.


4) Mentoring:

US Coast Guard Mentoring Site: click on “Search” and then type in Mentoring. You will scroll down to the item, Mentoring FAQs.



5) Vacancies in the UN System: – search for ‘vacancies’ – search for ‘vacancies’